Return to Fear Street – You May Now Kill the Bride


Thank you to Edelweiss+ and Harper Teen for access to a digital ARC for the purposes of this review.

R.L. Stein’s Return to Fear Street: You May Now Kill the Bride is slated to be published on July 24, 2018.

There are SPOILERS ahead folks.




Let me start by saying, I LOVE R.L. Stein. I knew exactly what I was getting into when I requested this book. I was SO excited to read it that I put all of my other books on hold. I devoured it in a day and I enjoyed the ride. I honestly didn’t want to put it down.

Then I got to thinking…

The two stories about the Fear women were too desperate. Yes they were two sets of Fear women, both 4 years apart and both at the mesa for a wedding. But that’s where the similarities end, except that both of the younger women can control (?) the Fear magic. Marissa and Harmony have a strained relationship because of events that took place a year prior to the wedding. The animosity between Rebecca and Ruth-Ann was more deeply-situated in both their hearts. Also there really isn’t much interaction between the 2 sets of women, 12(ish) pages before the end of the book – it was hardly satisfying.

I don’t quite understand the time shifting – how was Aiden able to arrive in the hotel past and murder Marissa in the hotel present? And speaking of murder, was he really a Goode and we don’t know it? I understand he was distraught about his hand, but his plan to murder the Fear children doesn’t quite add up to the curse that was introduced to us with the Ruth-Ann and Rebecca story and then reiterated by Grandpa Bud. Oh, is Aiden still hanging in space over the canyon?

Finally, what were the ramifications from the time travel? I’m pretty sure somebody stepped on a butterfly or an ant. What can we expect in this new word that Harmony Fear created? Besides Marissa’s survival and marriage to Doug. Will they spawn something truly evil that will be unleashed on the world???

Honestly, as I was reading the book I REALLY enjoyed it. It was only afterwards, as the story started to sink in, that I began to question. Is this a home run for Stein? No, it’s not. Is it going to keep me from reading other Return to Fear St books? Absolutely Not!

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